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Tweety Grunge AJ – wordpress Theme development

Hi, I’m working on this WordPress Theme. I’m done with the Photoshop PSD layout and soon gona start with the HTML CSS conversion. I’m posting this topic to let you know my development stages & sources i used. In future i will post a complete tutorial on it.

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Marked_AJ (WordPress Theme with HTML CSS Source)


I’m release my Marked_AJ WordPress theme with its source. I have tested this theme on wordpress 2.9.2

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WordPress Designing Cheat Sheet

These are my some COPT PASTE TAGS for wordpress while theme development.

Modifying the timestamp and author

template tags
<p>by <?php the_author_meta(‘first_name’); ?> <?php
the_author_meta(‘last_name’); ?> for <?php the_category(“, “) ?></p>

Comments Basic Display

<div> <div><?php comments_
number(“No Comment’s,”<span>1</span> response”,”<span
class=”bigNum”>%</span> Comment’s); ?></div> <?comments_popup_

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