CSS Cheat Links

i will be updating these links from time to time.

This Post contains my favorite CSS Bookmarks and blog surfs allaboutcss 🙂

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Create a Shiny CSS Hover Button without any Image

Just use this CSS Class to create button effect like this:

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i wud rather b punched in d testicles

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33 awsome Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

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// Learning is, of course, a continuous process and it is important that we don’t let our skills be stagnant. Hence, we need change and improvement… To stand by this proclamation, we give you another post on illustrator tutorials but with different techniques and outcome. This post differs from the numerous tutorials in Illustrator that we have posted in this site, because not only does they provide useful information, but they are entertaining as well.

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CSS Lists Styling Techniques

Certain elements in HTML lend themselves to many situations when marking up a website, one of the more useful of these elements is the HTML list.

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WordPress Designing Cheat Sheet

These are my some COPT PASTE TAGS for wordpress while theme development.

Modifying the timestamp and author

template tags
<p>by <?php the_author_meta(‘first_name’); ?> <?php
the_author_meta(‘last_name’); ?> for <?php the_category(“, “) ?></p>

Comments Basic Display

<div> <div><?php comments_
number(“No Comment’s,”<span>1</span> response”,”<span
class=”bigNum”>%</span> Comment’s); ?></div> <?comments_popup_

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[Video] Create Diamonds in Photoshop

Create Diamonds over Text effect using Photshop CS4. You can use Photoshop CS or higher to do the same effect. This tutorial doesnt need any external image.

Part 2 is below..

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